CSC San Francesco

Teaching with comics… set of tools and drawing created by Mr. Daniele Pucci

Within the Glas Project, we decided to organize training sessions and workshop for teachers and students of high schools on Video Making and we asked them to realize this video in order to take part in the national contest VIDEOGLAS 2.0.

The subject of the videos are the Glas topics: Nutrition, Housing, Sustainable development and Transport.

Here the finalist videos

Your Healt at your Fingertips

Promotion of ZeroKm products, organic food and health nutrition style

A plastic world

Environmental pollution complaint caused by excessive plastic spread

Bioenergy reed

Use of local natural products as the lake’s reeds for housing insulation

Some pictures from the final event which took place in San Francesco Centre

Here some didactic material used for the trainings to introduce to video making

PPT Intro to Movie maker

PPT Why the video


Sustainable development – Landscape & Nutrition in Trasimeno Area


From the light of the Sun to the light of the Candles

Laboratorio apistica 2


Water & Women Works

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