Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V.
Warmbüchenstraße 17, 30159
Hannover – Germany

The VNB is an officially acknowledged state-wide adult educational institution in Lower Saxony / Germany, and as well an umbrella organisation with a network of more than 200 adult educational member organisations and co-operation partners. Major topics of VNB educational work are of public, social and political interest, such as migration and integration, sustainable development, family and health education, gender and LGBT* education, global learning, and many more. Apart from its own educational work, the VNB gives financial, organizational and professional support to local associations working at these issues.

VNB has a wide range of transnational experience, promoting own projects as well as participating in European cooperation programmes, i. e.: Community Initiatives EMPLOYMENT-HORIZON, EMPLOYMENT-INTEGRA, EQUAL; European Social Fund (ESF); INTI: Integration of third country nationals; Livelong Learning Programme (GRUNDTVIG, LEONARDO DA VINCI); preparatory measures combating social exclusion. The VNB has a special interest in developing innovative initiatives for a diverse and inclusive education, addressing adult learners as well as staff members in adult and vocational education.

The VNB is undergoing a permanent and systematic quality management with regular checks and audits meeting the ArtSet-LQW and AZAV standards.

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