Agentur Kultur e.V.

Logo Agent Kultur

Agentur Kultur e.V.

Roemerstrrasse 26, D-80803

„Agentur Kultur e.V.“ was founded in 2005 as an agency for the planning and realization of cultural and educational activities on a regional, national and European level. In 2012 it was restructured as a non profit organization „Agentur Kultur e.V.“. The members of the managing committee of Agentur Kultur e.V. are: – Dr. Jürgen Halberstadt (chairman) – Klaus Müller (vice chairman) – Dr. Rudolf Halberstadt – Annegret Roennpag Agentur Kultur e.V. is carrying out seminars, conferences and research projects and in cooperation with or in contract for public bodies and as a special focus for institutions, which are working in the field of adult education. Special interest in intergenerational exchange. Main areas of competence and activities:
1. Sustainable development and environmental education
2. Intercultural learning and communication
3. Health education
4. Family and partnership
5. Cultural Heritage and Cultural Education – cross over approaches Agentur Kultur e.V. is engaged especially in the region of Munich and Stuttgart.

Agentur Kultur also participated in eight EU funded projects (five GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships, one GRUNDTVIG Workshop, one GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project and one LEONARDO DA VINCI Partnership). In our projects we are cooperating with organizations in the region of Munich and Stuttgart as well as a national network of organizations in the field of adult education.

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