Eco Logic
Blvd. Mitropolit T. Gologanov 72/1/2 – 1000
Skopje – Macedonia

ECO – LOGIC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the environment, promotion of modern ecological practices, as well as monitoring and promoting the principle of sustainable development. Our organization encourages and supports positive changes in the environment in the forms of:
– Promotion of the ecology as science
– Promotion of the cleaner production concept Research, promotion and implementation of sustainable urban transport models
– Protection and conservation of nature and the environment
– Distribution of environmental knowledge and upgrade of ecological education – Promotion of the principle for sustainable development
– Creating new “green” jobs
– Opportunity for training and involvement of all interested citizens in projects in the area of ecology and environmental protection and management Eco Logic is an organization which counts 5 people working like constant staff, and a number of various associates and consultants.

Also, Eco Logic has more than 200 members, which are somehow taking part in some of the promotional activities that the organization delivers. Our goal is to improve quality of living of people, and also contribute towards sustainable community development. Eco Logic is working with a variety of target group of which our main target group is the youth population.


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